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Oxsitis is a French brand, founded in the Auvergne in 2008 by its chairman FABIEN ANDRIEUX, specialized in the domain of sport hydration. OXSITIS is THE international reference in the activity of hydration.

Oxsitis expanded its product line to encompass many sports and regions throughout Europe. Oxsitis produces a wide range of equipment and services in the hydration and technical luggage. The consulting program launched in 2014 allows personalized nutrition coaching and customized physical preparation.

Oxsitis provides a comprehensive response to the needs of top athletes but also to amateurs by combining added value, innovation and performance.  Oxsitis supports its customers in their passion and leads them in the achievement of their goals. Oxsitis sells an assortment of products with a very high level of quality, resulting from years of research and development. Items are always at the forefront of technology, and designed with the last innovation to radically bring value and improve the performance of their owners.

Oxsitis, the French innovative brand to maximize your performance.

> Innovation in the service of performance
> Respect for your health
focuses on innovation and development of environmentally responsible products. OXSITIS designs creative solutions with increasing safety, consistent with its beliefs and in compliance with the regulations.


                                                                              O                                                                                                                       SITIS

sport – breathe – nature – life                                                             from latin: “quench one’s thirst” water – hydration – life

Health in the service of your performance


> Your actions feed our everyday life
> You are in the heart of our inspirations
Every day, our team innovates in order to offer the best technical and nutritive solutions. These allow you to give your best during physical efforts and success will accompany you in whatever your goals are.The OXSITIS experts are committed to a challenge on the path of research and development: to combine evolution and revolution…



Backed on our experience as high-level sportsmen, in physiology of exercise and in sports nutrition, and in front of the growing demand of sportsmen to consume more efficient products of higher quality, guaranteeing the respect of health, we have developed an innovative range of products for sportsmen, based on climatico-dependence and chrono-nutrition (“window of opportunity”) to meet perfectly their specific needs.
Conceived by our medico-scientific team, experts in physiology of exercise, in sports nutrition, and agronomist engineering, the energy drink Climadrink offers an optimal supply of the key nutriments in order to guarantee best efficiency for pre-workout, performing and post-workout. Climadrink : an innovative concept, the first range of sports nutrition adapted to seasons and weather conditions, committed in an approach of clinical and scientific demonstration, offering exclusive and patented formulas, conceived for endurance and guaranteed no-drugs.
Sports competitions are regularly blemished by doping scandals. Most of the time sportsmen are victims of unscrupulous manufacturers who offer products in deceitful promises, which may contain drugs and whose manufacturing cannot guarantee the essential requirements (non- mastered risk of cross-contaminations).
On the basis of this assessment, we wished to bring an additional guarantee by committing us in an anti-doping program to offer to our customers always better quality, safety and efficiency, in the respect for the spirit of sports. We make a commitment through the anti-doping charter, introduced since the creation of the laboratory, to make every effort, from conception to marketing, to guarantee healthy, successful products, without any side-effects on the health and NON-DRUGS.


The products of the range are quite unique because these are the only ones adapted to weather conditions. The range OXSITIS is complete from now on as it includes products going from the preparation to the recovery via products to be used during the effort. All the products of the range are made in France with the aim of valuing the national know-how.
OXSITIS even tries to design its products as much as possible at the heart of the region Auvergne resting on a technical know-how and the emphasis of ingredients of natural origin. Products without gluten, neither GMO, nor allergens *(Drink n’Recup contains milk)
OXSITIS does not lean on the brand image  to market its products but on a real advantage in terms of technicality and efficiency, satisfying the needs for the sportsmen of any level.


OXSITIS is one of the rare companies of sports nutrition which masters the elaboration of its products from the development of the formulation to the marketing via a whole number of important stages.
Based on the latest scientific work, the formulations of the drinks of the range Climadrink are carried out by an experts’ team to meet best the needs of sportsmen. The will to innovate always by respecting the health of the athletes gives to the formulations a unique character and an incomparable efficiency.
The formulations are tested by the project team and the ambassadors of the brand OXSITIS to get convinced by their efficiency and their quality of taste.
Once the formulation accomplished and validated, OXSITIS innovation does not stop here. The brand attaches a lot of importance to the quality and to the efficiency of its products but also to the ease of their use. Products of the range Climadrink are thus innovative by their packaging to assure the practicality (cheerpack, unicadoses).
Finally, the products of the range Climadrink are the object of scientific studies and publications allowing to support their differences and their efficiency.



Products adapted to weather conditions, why this choice? Simply because by adapting its formulations to the specific needs for the sportsmen bound to weather conditions, OXSITIS distances itself by proposing an adapted and specific answer in term of sports nutrition.
The products of the range Climadrink fulfill in an optimal way their function of pre-workout, energy and recovery drinks, but go farther by reaching almost the border with the food complement so supplying in the body the elements which it needs to be in perfect balance. Backed on this concept, the users are unanimous as for the efficiency of drinks of the range Climadrink.


OXSITIS proposes to its customers a complete range regarding sports nutrition. It consists of products for pre-workout, products to use during exercise and post-workout products. This range is nevertheless complementary. Every element constituting the drinks is measured to offer an optimal intake to the users. The recommended daily intake is respected, guaranteeing the efficiency of every ingredient making up the formulations.
Finally, the products of the range Climadrink are in accordance with the anti-doping standard NF V94-001 so proposing more safety for the users.


  • Implement all the means to reach the goals that you have settled
  • Find the solutions to all your problems in link with physical exercise and nutrition.
  • A follow-up, a personalized pedagogy and listening



  • Product designer
  • Director of research, Laboratory of human nutrition
  • Engineer technician
  • Consulting manager, researcher in sports nutrition
  • Dietitian, researcher in physiology of sports
  • Specialist in medicine and biology of sports

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