Development of our Products :

Oxsitis is one of the 2% of companies in the sports nutrition market to develop its products from scratch, from a very strict protocol, and a team of mastering the entire production process of products, ensuring traceability and quality assurance.Oxsitis has a department specializing in nutrition and product development for athletes nutrionnels: Oxsitis Labs-Nutrition™.

Each of the formulations of the products Oxsitis Labs-Nutrition™are made in collaboration with the Center for Human Nutrition Research (CRNH) of ClermontFerrand. A team of professionals with complementary skills working on each development. The formulations are developed in our R & D, based on literature studies, our research and development closely.

All our work is based on studies and scientific publications in physiology and biology of the sport, so as to respond most effectively to your besoinspendant effort. Our work is then developed in collaboration with nutrition professionals CRNH dependent, but also engineers and food Gallen:

  • Department of Human Nutrition Research of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA)
  • Exploration Nutrition Unit of the Centre for Human Nutrition Research (CRNH)
  • Unit-Nutrition-Health Food technology hub CASIMIR, partner of technological development.

Products validated by scientifics :

The formulations are then tested in the laboratory and Oxsitis improved after specific tests to check the acidity (pH), osmolarity, bioavailability to ensure better assimilation and digestibility of products Oxsitis Labs-Nutrition™.

Once established, the formulations are scientifically validated by the laboratory of Biology of Physical and Sports Activities (BAPS) from Clermont Ferrand to test their effectiveness using rigorous protocols in terms of exercise.

The products are finally endorsed by professional sports medicine given the results to established protocols.

Oxsitis Labs-Nutrition™, a team of professionals dedicated to your performance and your health:

  • A team graduate in nutrition and sports physiology
  • Judicaël JOANDEL Engineer in nutrition and industrial process (CASIMIR)
  • Stéphane Walrand: Head of Unit "protein-energy metabolism" (CRNH)
  • Hubert Vidalin: Specialist Sport