• Valve for soft flask and water bladder

    Soft flask Valve


    The soft flask valve is a replacement part that extends the life of your soft flask or hydration tube mouthpiece in your water bag.

  • Couverture de survie

    Survival Blanket


    OXSITIS 160*210 cm light survival blanket designed for your outdoor activities. It will allow you to protect yourself from the cold and will be essential for some races.

  • Porte-dossard aimantés

    Magnetic bib holder


    Easily attach your bibs without damaging your textiles!

  • Mélangeur poche à eau



    Energy product mixer adapted to all water pockets, system that fits into a backpack to choose its hydration method.

  • Filet de rangement

    Mesh pocket


    Elastic system connects in 4 points with Mesh protection to carry a helmet or rain gear. This system fits on the back of the bags in the HYDRAGON™by Oxsitis® range.

  • Pocket Belt accessoire ceinture fermable

    Pocket Belt


    Belt or backpack accessory to store small complementary equipment on an easily accessible strap.

  • Brassard pour Smartphone

    Smartphone Armband


    This Oxsitis armband is very comfortable, waterproof and washable in the washing machine (max. 40°). It provides quick access to your mobile phone’s screen, while preserving tactile features.

  • Poche Isotherme pour poche à eau

    Insulated Pouch


    Isothermal protection for water bags to preserve the temperature of the container. A protection that slips around the tube and ensures that it is kept frost-free.

  • Hydraflask .X blanc



    The hydraflask.X is a hand-held flask holder. It allows you to easily transport your drink, keys, mobile phone without any obstruction.