• Box Trail Pack Nutrition
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    Box Trail


    The Box Trail is a personalized offer adapted to the practice of the trailer. It is a complete offer capable of meeting the nutritional needs of trail runners, whether they are novices or experts.

  • Drink n'récup après effort boisson récupération ice berries

    Drink N’Recup


    Very high-performance recovery drink rich in antioxidants, BCAA, bicarbonates and other specific ingredients to promote better recovery.
    Cola or ice berries flavour of your choice

  • Milk Shake Vanille Récup

    Milk-Shake Recov


    High performance recovery drink enriched with carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, BCAA and other specific ingredients to promote recovery.
    Chocolate, banana, vanilla or strawberry flavour of your choice

  • Pâtes de fruit Après l'effort Recov'heure poire abricot

    Recov’Heure fruit jellies


    First functional fruit jelly enriched with protein and pre-cut into 3 ingots. Ideal for long efforts, hiking and recovery.
    Pear/Apricot flavour

  • Barre protéinée exotique mangue ananas effort Snack'heure

    Snack’Heure Energy Bar Pineapple Mango


    High performance protein bar made from vegetable proteins ideal for endurance and recovery efforts.
    Pineapple/Mango Flavour

  • Start'Heure collation Chocolat végétale



    100% vegetal energy snack for breakfasts or meals before exercise. Highly digestible energy concentrate made with delicious chocolate chips.
    Chocolate chip flavour

  • Whey Protein


    Protein drink promoting muscle building made from a very high-quality protein, lactose free and rich in amino acids, especially Leucine.
    Chocolate, vanilla or banana flavour of your choice