Personalized Box Trail


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When preparing a trail, many aspects must be taken into account: distance, altitude, physical preparation, mandatory equipment… If all these fac [...]

How to choose your sports nutrition? (2/2)


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Part two of our article on tips to guide your sports nutrition choices. We had previously discussed the main general principles for deciphering nutrit [...]

How to choose your sports nutrition? (1/2)


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More and more brands are entering the sports nutrition market in recent years. New products are constantly appearing in the specialized shelves. New c [...]

Avoid gastric disorders during a snowy trail


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How to avoid gastric disorders on a snowy trail? Haunted by the trailer, gastric disorders nevertheless affect most runners from a certain duration of [...]

Cramps, how to avoid them?


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Cramps affect almost everyone. During or after exercise, they occur more or less suddenly and invade us with a tensed pain. Some of us are more prone [...]