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Technical backpack with a capacity of 4 L

  • Improves thermoregulation
  • Practical storage space
  • Comfort & lightness


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The MTB backpack is worn like a waistcoat and is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists. Ultra light, it allows you to carry the essentials for training and long bike rides. Its 3D mesh Coolmax All season material offers a unique comfort. It optimises the body’s thermoregulation and improves physical performance. Perfect balance between lightness and stability. This backpack is ideal for mountain biking, cycling, running and trail riding. This minimalist bag offers 4L of storage volume, thanks to its pocket secured by a self-locking zipper. Equipped with a 2L water bag, it allows you to leave for several hours and stay well hydrated. The accessories are quickly accessible and very well maintained. This pack waistcoat is so light that you will forget it. It is ideal for sports in warm weather conditions.

Reference 37601764648
Weight (grams) 185g
Materials Coolmax 3D Mesh Technology
4-way Stresh - Elastane
Sizes S,M, L

Oxsitis backpacks are worn close to the body like a second skin for maximum stability and comfort thanks to its breathable materials.

Have a sewing kit at hand and refer to the size guide for a precise fit.
Settings Anatomical fit with swimmer's back.
Chest and belly adjustment, for a better distribution of the load on the back, and a perfect stability, without disturbing the breathing.
Compartments Large smartphone pocket (5'5) on right shoulder strap.
Small pocket for gels, bars and headbands on the top of the left shoulder strap.
Compartments made of 4 way stretch material, based on feedback from our elite athletes, for carrying their bars, gels, very easily accessible and with no jostling.
Large back pocket for water bag with velcro to hold the bag.
Zipped back pocket for securing small items: Ideal for storing a light jacket, phone or wallet.
Large 4 way stretch compartment for easy storage of a waterproof jacket, small garment or comfort accessory without removing the bag.
4 reflective loops for added security to attach a mesh accessory, to increase the volume of the bag if necessary.
Hydration & accessories Bag sold with a 2L water bag. Reflective piping at the top of the shoulder straps to keep the tubes in place and provide 360° visibility for safety.
Bag sold without Easy Fix Pole Control pole holder system.
Bag sold without magnet for bib holder.
Security Oxsitis backpacks are equipped with a whistle that is easily accessible without putting the bag down and reflective strips that provide 360° visibility for added safety.

Oxsitis bags are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.

  • Hand wash
  • No ironing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • No professional cleaning
  • Do not bleach

Don’t use detergents or cleaners. Wash your bag with a soft sponge.

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