Bib Belt


Very light and innovative belt for carrying your race number in order to easily fix your bib number without damaging your uniform thanks to a very powerful magnet system.

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The BIB BELT for carrying a race number Oxsitis is the only one which maintains the bib number thanks to a magnet system. It has been specifically developed in order to meet the requirement of the most demanding athletes. The BIB BELT is highly convenient to clip and to unclip your race number before and after the race, with the maximum possible level of security, in order for you not to lose your bib. The magnets are extremely powerful and resist to the Triathlon’s pressures. With 3 fixation points, the BIB BELT meets the requirements and the conformities of the French Triathlon Federation (FFTRI).


  • Quick fixation.
  • Extra light.
  • Secured support.
  • 3 fixation points.

Adjust your belt properly

Oxsitis belts are worn close to the body for maximum stability and comfort thanks to its breathable materials and unique dual strap adjustment system. Adjust the lower strap by positioning your belt at the hips, canister in the back. Simultaneously tighten both ends of the straps to center the belt in the middle of your back. Adjust the second strap at the waist for maximum support Care and maintenance.


Oxsitis belts are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.
  • Hand wash
  • Ironing excluded
  • Machine drying excluded
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Bleaching excluded
Do not use laundry or detergents. Wash your belt with a soft sponge.