Technical backpack for WOMEN with a storage capacity of 17 L, equipped with a 2L water pocket, offering unique comfort thanks to its storage and anatomical fit. Ideal for long distances.

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The LADY 17.X bag is designed for women morphology, to meet the needs of long-distance runners. This lightweight backpack allows you to carry the essential equipment for Trails or Ultras. Perfect balance between lightness and stability. Equipped with the Airback Control ventilation system to maximize the breathability of your back, it offers optimal comfort for the Trail, but also for long mountain bike rides or day trips. Nature runners and sports hikers will be seduced by its versatility and its many accessories for fixing sticks, easily accessible with its quickly reclosable pockets by magnet. Equipped with our latest innovations to simplify its use, it allows you to experience your adventures in nature to the full. Keep your things dry with its waterproof slides and self-locking sliders.


  • Adapted to women’s body
  • Lightness
  • Comfort
  • Organisation of the compartments

How to choose your size?

Oxsitis backpacks are worn close to the body for maximum stability and comfort thanks to their breathable materials. Choose the size of your bag based on the usual size of your t-shirts. Sizes: S (< 1m70 / < 65kg) – M (1m70 à 1m85 / 65kg à 80kg) – L (> 1m85 / > 80kg)

Care and maintenance

Oxsitis bags are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.
  • Hand wash
  • Ironing excluded
  • Machine drying excluded
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Bleaching excluded
Do not use laundry or detergents. Wash your bag with a soft sponge.

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