Water-repellent overgloves provide extra protection from the water. These mittens are transparent on the wrist to be able to see your watch and reflective on the rest of the surface to be visible at night.

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Oxsitis Overgloves are water resistant. If gloves provide warmth, this product is waterproof so that you don’t get cold in the rain or snow.

This pair of over-gloves is perfectly suited for ultra-trail races such as the UTMB, requiring a pair of waterproof gloves.

At the wrist, the overglove is transparent so you can see your watch.

The fabric used on the rest of the product is reflective to allow cars, cyclists or other runners to spot you at night.

The material on the palms is non-slip.


  • Water resistant
  • Display to see the watch
  • Reflective
  • Non-slip palm
Ref31390 100
Weight (grams)45 g per pair
MaterialsOpaque part: 100% polyamide
Transparent part: 100% TPU
SizesOne size

How to clean it?

Hand wash.

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