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Package of ENERGIZ’HEURE products for hot climate. Specifically conceived to increase endurance and performance during a physical activity in hot weather conditions.

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The package of ENERGIZ’HEURE products for hot climate is composed of a jar of 600 mL of ENERGIZ’HEURE drink and of 4 energy gels ENERGIZ’HEURE for hot climate. Our CLIMADRINK product range is the only one providing energy products conceived to meet the needs of the body in accordance with the weather conditions.

The ENERGIZ’HEURE hot climate drink provides an appropriate energy supply and promotes rehydration and remineralisation during exercise in temperatures above 25°C. In hot weather, the increased sweat loss can lead to accelerated dehydration or heat stroke.

The 600 mL jar allows you to prepare up 20 cans of 600 mL of drink and the 4 energy gels are packed in reusable and resealable cheerpacks.


  • Adapted to climatic conditions.
  • Appropriate energy mix.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Easy to carry and quick to prepare.
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How to use it?

GEL ENERGIZ’HEURE In gel format, consume Energiz’Heure gel hot climate in small sips every 10 minutes or when the game stops. Moisturize as a supplement: 500mL / hour of effort. OR In beverage format, dilute Energiz’Heure gel hot climate in a bottle or can and add 600mL of water to obtain an isotonic drink. Consume regularly during exercise and when stoppages allow. JAR ENERGIZ’HEURE Dilute 2 measuring spoons (2x15g) in a bottle or can by adding 600mL of water. Shake the mixture and let it stand for one minute. Consume your energy drink regularly during exercise (one sip every 10 minutes) or when stoppages allow.