Atom 4 W

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Minimalist technical backpack with a capacity of 4 L of storage equipped with 2 flasks of 500ml, Bag designed for the morphology of WOMEN. it is worn like a “pack vest”. It offers unique comfort thanks to its Coolmax® material which immediately evacuates body heat and dries quickly.

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The ATOM 4 W backpack is designed according to the female morphology. It is worn like a vest on the skin. This ultra-light backpack allows you to carry essentials for training sessions and short outings. Its 3D mesh Coolmax® All Season materials offer unique comfort in the world. it improves the body’s thermoregulation, and improves its physical performance. Perfect balance between lightness and stability. This backpack is ideal for the short distance Trail, or the marathon. This minimalist bag offers 4L of storage space, thanks to its pocket secured by a self-locking zipper. Equipped with 2 flasks of 250ml worn on the front of the bag, it is also compatible for holding flask pipettes on the front of the backpack. The accessories are quickly accessible and very well maintained. This pack vest is so light you’ll forget it. It is ideal for running in hot climatic conditions.


  • Improves thermoregulation
  • Minimalist
  • Comfort & stable
  • Quick and ergonomic access
  • Designed for women
Volume (liters)4
Weight (grams) 140 (without accessories) – 200 with 2 x 500ml softflask
MaterialsMesh 3D Coolmax Technology
4way stresh – Elastane
SizeXS/S (< 1m65 / 1m65 / > 45kg)
SettingsAnatomical fit with racer back.
Pectoral and ventral adjustment, for a better distribution of the load on the back, and perfect stability, without hindering breathing.
CompartimentsLarge smartphone pocket (5'5) on the right shoulder strap.
Small ultra-quick access storage pocket for gels, bars, band on the top of the left strap of the bag.
Compartments accommodating 2 flexible 500ml flasks.
Compartments in 4 way stretch material, derived from the experience feedback of our elite athletes to transport their bars, gels, very easily accessible and without sloshing.
Quick access expandable central compartment (top and side) that allows access to its contents, without having to remove the bag. Ideal for storing a light jacket, compulsory nature racing equipment, or the possibility of using it as a quiver for poles.
4 Reflective loops for more security that allow you to attach a Mesh net accessory, to increase the volume of the bag if necessary.
Hydration & accessoriesBag sold with 2 Flasks of 500ml. Compartment compatible to accommodate a 1 to 2L water pocket on the back.
Bag sold without Easy Fix Pole Control pole holder system. The 4-way Strech pocket can be used for carrying poles, but we recommend using a Trail slimbelt for this function in order to optimize the comfort of the bag.
Bag sold without bib holder magnet.
SecurityOxsitis backpacks are equipped with an easily accessible whistle without putting down your bag and reflective strips offering 360 ° visibility, for added safety.

Size advice

Oxsitis backpacks are worn close to the body for maximum stability and comfort thanks to its breathable materials.

Take a tape measure and refer to the size guide for precise adjustment.


Oxsitis bags are made of technical materials with water repellent properties.

  • Hand washing
  • Ironing excluded
  • Machine drying excluded
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Money laundering excluded

Do not use laundry or detergent. Wash your bag with a soft sponge.