Socks 140.6


Multi-activity technical socks (triathlon, trail running, hiking…) with heel and toe reinforcement.

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The 140.6 sock has been developed to protect your foot from blisters and chafing during all your training or competitions (triathlon, trail running, hiking).

For maximum performance and stability, the 140.6 sock adapts to the circumference of your ankle to ensure optimal support.

Technical, it contains thicker zones for more comfort and cushioning to limit overheating and the appearance of blisters. Ventilated mesh zones give you extra breathability for performance on your short, medium, and long-distance trail sessions.


  • Anti-blister and chafing zones
  • Mid-high socks: Medium upper for more stability
  • Comfortable
  • Modern and summery design
Weight (grams)50 g
Materials60 % Polyester
30 % Nylon
10 % Spandex

How to clean it?

Oxsitis socks are made of technical materials with specific properties:

  • Washing at 30 °C
  • No ironing
  • Machine drying excluded
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Bleaching excluded