How to choose your trail running backpack ?

Which trail backpack to choose? From 2L to 30L, find in this article all the tips to find the bag that will suit you.

Sport: a wide range of disciplines, each more beautiful than the last. Physical exercise is often tiring but nevertheless liberating, and allows you to exercise and stay healthy. But beware, an injury can happen very quickly and this can be due to bad equipment.

Beyond the safety aspect, the equipment represents an accompaniment, a comfort in your practice, allowing you to improve your performances and to take a real pleasure during your effort.

In the world of trail running, this equipment is all the more important as you draw on your resources to achieve real feats. From clothing to nutrition, you need to plan everything: good quality trainers, clothes adapted to your morphology, food that is easy to digest, enough water to last until the next refreshment station… So many elements that can quickly make these moments less enjoyable if they are forgotten.

But how do you take all this with you?

Depending on the size of the trail or your training, you will probably need a bag to carry all your accessories. This bag should be chosen carefully as your needs differ between a short trail and an ultra.

If you didn’t know, there are three types of trail: short, medium and ultra.


Short Trail

Short trails is between 15 km and the distance of a marathon, which is about 40 km. For this type of distance, small bags are recommended. The Atom 2 is a very lightweight model that allows you to take the essentials with you on your short runs. It has the advantage of being worn like a waistcoat next to the skin and its 2L of storage space will be enough to carry your personal belongings. On the front of the bag, 2 x 250ml flasks are supplied with the bag, but 500ml flasks can be integrated as well as small snacks.

If you need a little more storage space, the Atom 6 bag from the Origin range will suit you better. It’s very light, so it won’t be noticeable when you’re out and about, but it has an extra pocket for a small jacket, for example, or for your trail poles.

If you are just going to stretch your legs for an hour or two, you don’t necessarily need a bag. However, if you still want to carry water and some personal belongings, such as keys or phone, you can opt for a Slimbelt. It’s discreet and light, so it won’t disturb you while you’re running and you’ll have everything you need with you.

Atom 2

Atom 4


Atom 2 femme

Atom 4 femme

ATOM 6 femme

Medium Trail

If you prefer long trails, from 40 km to 80 km, the Pulse 12 Ultra is the bag that is best suited to this type of race. With a capacity of 12L, you can integrate a water bag and store all your accessories in the various pockets provided for this purpose. You can even take your poles with you thanks to the expandable pocket directly integrated into the back of the bag, which means you don’t have to add a quiver. It is also possible to attach them to the shoulder straps, depending on your preference.

A little extra on all Oxsitis bags is a whistle. If you have a problem, it will allow you to be heard even at long distances.

Pulse 12 ULTRA


Ultra Trail

For ultra trails, with a distance of more than 80 km, the Ace 16 bag will do the job best. A 2L water bag is included to keep you hydrated during your effort. With a total capacity of 16L, you will be free to store all your accessories in the many pockets that make up this bag. It is water resistant and its side velcro straps allow you to adjust the bag to your size for an optimal experience. There is also a quick access expandable pocket to carry your poles.

Finally, for ultra trails, raid or trekking, you can turn to the Enduro Raid 30.X bag. A great model to carry all your gear for your outdoor activities. Weighing in at 465g, it has plenty of storage space. It will accompany you on your adventures in extreme conditions, even in rainy weather, as it is water resistant and has waterproof zippers. It will be a great companion for your day or even multi-day expeditions.

Ace 16 ULTRA




You now have all the keys to choose the model that suits you. Oxsitis is the first French brand to offer hydration bags for men and women, so that everyone’s morphology is respected. The women’s models are shorter in the back to minimise chafing and the straps are narrower and more indented to avoid compressing the chest.