Hydration during exercise is essential for the well-being of the athlete and very important for performance. Stay hydrated with Oxsitis hydration accessories. 2L water pouch, rigid water bottles made in France, isothermal bottle, flexible flasks, flexible water bottles… the essentials for hydration during trail, running, hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, ski touring, swimming, triathlon…

  • Thermo Lhotse

    Thermo Lhotse


    Help make the planet a little greener by using a reusable isothermal bottle with a capacity of 600ml in stainless steel. Designed in an outdoor style with a wood and stainless steel cap, it is available in grey or yellow.

  • 800 ml Pro Flask

    800 ml Pro Flask


    Eco-responsible 800 ml flaks with wide opening, designed to accompany you when you do sport.

  • 600 ml Proflask

    600 ml Proflask


    Eco-responsible 600 ml flask with wide opening, designed to accompany you when you do sport.

  • Soft Flask 500mL 2020
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    Soft Flask 500mL 2020


    Oxsitis soft flask with a capacity of 500ml and a large opening that is easy to fill and clean. Ergonomic oval bottom for easy storage in your trail running packs.

  • Soft Flask 250ml 2020

    Soft Flask 250ml 2020


    Discover the latest Oxsitis® innovation in hydration systems: the 250ml mini flask with a wide opening, ideal for carrying energy gels or small volumes of water.

  • Water Bladder 2L

    Water Bladder 2L


    The Oxsitis® water bag ensures you a healthy and practical hydration. Naturally antimicrobial, it is PVC-free, bisphenol A-free and phthalate-free.

  • Soft Flask Pipette Kit
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    Soft Flask Pipette Kit


    Pack of 2 pipettes for soft flask with cap. Suitable for 250ml or 500 ml Oxsitis flask.

  • Oxsitis Cup

    Oxsitis Cup


    The OXSITIS CUP eco cup with wide opening is ideal for water and hot drinks when you go out on Trail, Running or hiking.

  • Soft flask Valve

    Soft flask Valve


    The soft flask valve is a replacement part that extends the life of your soft flask or hydration tube mouthpiece in your water bag.

  • Insulated Pouch

    Insulated Pouch


    Isothermal protection for water bags to preserve the temperature of the container. A protection that slips around the tube and ensures that it is kept frost-free.