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6 L women's trail running backpack.

Atom 3 W

6 L women's trail running backpack.

Minimalist technical backpack for WOMEN with a storage capacity of 3 L,  offering unique comfort thanks to its Coolmax® material that immediately evacuates heat from the body.

⚠️ Flasks not included


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The key points

Reference 37601764639
Materials Coolmax® all season3D Mesh for better regulation of body heat and optimal comfort
Nylon polyamide fibersElastane fibers
Settings Anatomical fit with unique adjustments: lateral velcros to adjust your bag according to its capacity and size.Pectoral and ventral adjustment, for a better distribution of the load on the back, and a perfect stability, without disturbing the breathing.
Compartments Large smartphone pocket (5'5) on right shoulder strap.Small storage pocket with ultra-fast access for gels, bars, headband on the top of the left shoulder strap of the bag.Compartments with 2 flexible 500ml flasks.Compartments made of Elastane Bi-elastic material, resulting from the experience feedback of our elite athletes to transport their bars, gels, very easily accessible and without tossing.Expandable central compartment with quick access (top and side) that allows access to its contents without having to remove the bag. Ideal for storing a light jacket, mandatory equipment in nature racing, or possibility to use it as a quiver for sticks.4 Reflective loops for more security that allow you to attach a Mesh net accessory, to increase the volume of the bag if necessary.
Hydration & accessories ⚠️ Flasks not included. Delivered without any magnet bib race
Security For increased safety, Oxsitis backpacks are equipped with a whistle that is easily accessible without putting the bag down and reflective strips.


The ATOM 3 W backpack is designed according to the female morphology. It is worn like a vest on the skin. It allows to meet the constraints of the most demanding athletes. This ultra-light backpack allows you to carry the essential equipment for the trail. Its Coolmax® All season material offers a unique comfort in the world. Its action optimizing the body’s thermoregulation makes it possible to improve its physical performance. Perfect balance between lightness and stability. Side Velcro to adjust your bag according to its capacity and size. This backpack is ideal for the Trail, but also for mountain biking, or Nordic skiing.  The accessories are quickly accessible and very well maintained. All you have to think about is running, this bag is being forgotten!

Oxsitis bags are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.

  • Hand wash
  • No ironing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • No professional cleaning
  • Do not bleach

Do not use detergents or cleaners. Wash your bag with a soft sponge.

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Atom 3 W


Atom 3 W