Very light and ultra-stable can-holder belt with a capacity of 600 mL of drinks. Designed for WOMEN. Offering a unique comfort thanks to its dual strap-support system and its anatomical fit.

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The ACE 9 W can-holder belt is designed in accordance with the female morphology in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding Trailers. Its unique adjustment system will provide optimal stability and support for the equipment. Its compartments allow to carry the required equipment for Trails, Marathons, running sessions (competitions, trainings or pleasure), but also the essential items for Nordic skiing (water, small waterproof jacket GORE-TEX® type, energy gels and bars…). The ACE 9 W is so multifunctional that it can be used for hiking or cycling. Cyclers and Moutainbikers will be amazed by this ideal equipment to carry hydration packs in the lightest way. It is the perfect balance between lightness and stability, it provides the optimal comfort. Think only about your objective, explore new ways, you will even forget you are carrying a belt!


  • Optimal support.
  • Perfect stability – US PATENT N°9888799.
  • Comfort.

Adjust your belt properly

Oxsitis belts shall be worn close to the body for optimal stability and comfort thanks to its breathable materials and unique dual strap adjustment system. Adjust the lower strap by positioning your belt on the hips, with the can in the back. Simultaneously tighten both ends of the straps to center the belt in the middle of your back. Adjust the second strap on the waist for the maximum support.

Care and Maintenance

Oxsitis belts are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.
  • Hand wash
  • Ironing excluded
  • Machine drying excluded
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Bleaching excluded
Do not use laundry or detergents. Wash your bag with a soft sponge. Advice on can maintenance: Suitable for boiling water or dishwasher after each use. The cans are 100% recyclable consumables whose wear will depend on your use. We recommend that you renew them every year, depending on how often and how often you use them.