Water Bladder 1.5L

Water bladder with a capacity of 1.5L

  • Wide opening, reversible for cleaning
  • Fixed connector with tube
  • PVC Free
  • BPA (bisphenol A) Free


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The key points



The 1.5L water bladder allows you to hydrate quickly and easily during exercise. It compresses as you drink to prevent bloating and limit bulk.

Enjoy healthy hydration thanks to its odourless material that eliminates the bad taste of plastic.

The closure system of this product prevents leaks.

This system is completely reversible and allows you to dry the water bladder and clean it easily for an optimal hygienic result.

The valve of the pipette gives you a high flow rate.

It fits all Oxsitis backpack for men and women.

Reference 3760176468192
Weight (grams) 175g
Materials BPA-free, PVC-free
Sizes Volume of 1.5 litres

We recommend that you only put water in your water pocket in order to optimize its hygiene and facilitate its maintenance, and to evacuate the air before use. Avoid any abrasive products for cleaning.
To maintain your water bag after each use, open the water bag through its large opening, turn the bag over completely. Wash and dry it. The silicone tip is completely removable and very easy to clean.
Water bag care advice: Go to boiling water or dishwasher after each use. Water pockets are consumables whose wear will depend on your use. We recommend that you renew them every year, depending on how often and how often you use them. The silicone tip must be changed regularly.

Tips for opening and filling your water pouch:
– Move the slide to release the top of the bag,
– unfold the bag,
– grab the little notches,
– spread them apart to open the product,
– insert your drink (preferably water to limit its wear),
– close the bag, making sure there is no air in it.

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Water Bladder 1.5L


Water Bladder 1.5L