Slimbelt Trail 2


Ultra light and ergonomic new generation trail running belt. It adapts to the body morphology thanks to its anatomical fit and its 100% recycled material, 4 way stretch. Ideal for the very committed races which require the essential material close to the body within reach.

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The SLIMBELT TRAIL 2 belt is designed to store all the essential equipment for the Trails and committed mountain adventures. It fits perfectly around the pelvis and does not get in the way while running. Its 100% recycled polyester material, 4 way stretch offers great functionality and storage capacity. Composed of multiple compartments to store keys, wallet, smartphone, survival blanket, small waterproof jacket, bars, energy gels or a soft flask for hydration. Equipped with a pair of magnetic number holders, it will allow you to fix your number very easily and without having to make holes in your t-shirt. Its pole holder system allows you to easily store your foldable poles, and to face the most extreme slopes with peace of mind. The SLIMBELT TRAIL 2 is ultra versatile to be used on short distance Trails with many refreshments as well as on extreme mountain races.


  • Comfortable and stable
  • Large storage capacity
  • Anti-slip straps for optimal pole support
  • Pair of powerful magnetic bib holders.
  • Made in France with 100% recycled fabric
Weight (grams)70
MaterialsECO 4 way stretch 100% recycled
80% Recycled Polyester
20% Recycled Elastane
Made in France
SettingsAnatomical fit that provides good support even during intense activities.
Compartments2 side compartments for small items such as keys, bank cards, change
2 very large compartments (1 front and 1 back) to slip a smartphone, an item of clothing, a flask, a survival blanket. Chaque compartiment est accessible très rapidement. Des points de fixation zigzag offrent une grande résistance aux poches et un meilleur maintien de la ceinture quel que soit le mouvement.
2 anti-slip elastic straps located in the back of the belt to store Trail, hiking or Nordic walking poles. (3 or 4 poles foldable or retractable)
A pair of powerful magnetic bib holders.
Compartments compatible to accommodate any soft flask up to 500ml.

How to clean it?

Oxsitis belts are made of technical materials with water-repellent properties.

  • Hand wash 30°C
  • No ironing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Professional cleaning excluded
  • Do not bleach

Do not use any detergent.