Our commitments

Carefully selected suppliers

At Oxsitis, the quality of our products and materials are key aspects in developing and producing our equipment.

We take great care in selecting all our partners and suppliers.

Knowledge of the supply chain and the origin of raw materials is essential for the manufacture of our products. This is why we are in direct contact with all of our suppliers, with whom we maintain privileged and long-term relationships.

This quality, which has been important to us since the beginning, has led to the recognition and enhancement of our brand on the trail running market, which pushes us to continue our approach of continuous improvement to satisfy you even more!

Our planet is our playground…let’s preserve it

Inspired by nature, committed to its preservation!

If you are reading this, the good news is that we have one thing in common: our passion for outdoor activities!

Trail, hiking, skiing, biking … whatever the sport, nature is your playground.

As an outdoor player, we must preserve it to pass on to future generations the joys and freedom of outdoor sports.

At Oxsitis, we work every day to reduce our environmental impact and the company’s carbon footprint through various projects and product life cycles.


Since 2013, all our headbands, caps, cuffs and Slimbelt are made in France in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, thus promoting local manufacturing and reducing our carbon footprint.

The year 2020 was a major turning point in the sustainable development of our products as all our Slimbelt and sleeves are made entirely from recycled fabrics from plastic bottles coming from Europe. The BBR range of T-shirts and shorts have recently joined this category.

Apart from these recycled fabrics, we favour robust and durable materials for all our products in order to avoid premature deterioration and over-consumption.

We have also chosen to optimise the consumption of raw materials by avoiding the multiplication of colours and different fabrics throughout the range. We try as much as possible to reuse material scraps to create accessories in order to avoid waste and wastage of colours.

We also regularly work with companies adapted to disabilities where more than 80% of the team are disabled persons. These structures allow people with disabilities or people in rehabilitation to work while benefiting from medical and educational support in a protected environment.


Since 2019 we have reduced the amount of plastic packaging used to transport our products individually from manufacturing to customer delivery by 30%. We are committed to reusing all packaging when sending an order to a customer.


Whenever possible, we work with local companies in order to reduce travel (communication materials, print, POS)

For our products manufactured in China, once the product is finished, we commit to bringing the goods by boat and not by plane to limit our carbon impact.

After-sales service

In order to maintain our eco-responsible approach, we favour repair over exchange

Beyond the manufacturing process, we are actively involved in environmental protection with actions such as plogging.

We encourage everyone to leave no trace of their passage on the trails! Nature is precious, let’s take care of it. Together, with small gestures, we can all make ourselves useful and act to preserve our planet.

Made in France but not only !

It’s time to find out a little more about the design of our products. We promise to tell you everything!

All our products are designed in France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. French and local manufacturing is favoured, but not everything is possible and we explain why!

Today, more than 30% of our products are manufactured in France. The other part is manufactured abroad in Asia.

The quality of the materials is our hobbyhorse and our raison d’être. We have built the Oxsitis image on technical, durable and resistant products over time.

We are convinced that the quality of a product is not linked to its location but to know-how, values, qualified manpower and adapted machines. We pay attention to all these details when creating each item.

This is why we consider the offer of every manufacturer, abroad or not, who respects our values and our commitments and who has the technical skills to realise our projects and our ambitions.

To make it clearer, here is the list of products and their countries of manufacture:

  • Slimbelt, cuffs, headbands, hats, water bottles, hydration accessories: made in France
  • Bags, some textiles and other accessories: made in China.

To be completely transparent, even with the best will in the world, it would be impossible for us to manufacture everything in France. We explain why.

Our products, and in particular our trail bags, are among the best on the market.

The bags are entirely made by seamstresses whose precision and dexterity is essential for the finishing of our products. The quality we offer comes at a price, and for obvious reasons we could not, and would not wish to, offer more expensive items, or at the same price but with a considerable reduction in quality and finish, under the pretext that they are made in France.

In any case, making our bags in France would require the import of certain raw materials to design them, as France unfortunately does not have enough natural resources.

Beyond the financial aspect for the final customer, we have not yet found suppliers capable of matching the quality of the materials and the development reactivity of our current partners. And believe us, we have spent many hours sourcing and comparing!

We are very proud to work with our suppliers, who carefully make the Oxsitis equipment that you find on trails all over the world!

Women at the heart of our product development

A few years after the creation of Oxsitis and the development of our trail back packs, we noticed that the running vests (of all brands) presented on the market were not adapted to the female morphology and were claimed to be unisexed.

Chest discomfort, friction in the back and shoulders, poor fit… the female body has its specificities that men do not have.

The waistcoats were so uncomfortable for female runners that some were forced to give up in competition.

The idea of developing a specific pack for women took shape in 2012.

We surrounded ourselves with well-known female athletes to develop a trail backpack adapted to women’s physiognomy.

After many months of research and development, training and competition tests, the first women’s trail bag is now on the market!

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Women at the heart of our product development